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Mount Harvest is an energetic and profoundly creative production company. We believe that through the parables that film presents its audiences, a storyteller is able to communicate the deep truths of God’s Kingdom and how they lay in stark contrast with the facts of the natural world around us.

In 2012 we moved from the corporate commercial advertising world, having worked with global brands like Samsung, IBM, Fidelity, EMC, WestRock, Hologic and Sacks Exhibits, into feature filmmaking.  We combine 30 years of industry experience into our narrative film work. We are a collaborative of creators, inventors and thinkers composed of producers, directors, designers, writers, animators, editors, and storyboard artists that together have garnered some of the most prestigious awards in the Faith-Based Film Industry.

Our first short film, ARMOR OF GOD (2014), is a ten-time best short film nominee and won best short at the renowned Christian Worldview Film Festival in 2015 at San Antonio TX. ARMOR OF GOD was later picked up for international broadcast television distribution by NYC based Hewes Pictures LLC.  Our second short film CROSSROAD (2015), is a six-time best short film nominee and winner of best screenplay for a short film at the famed International Christian Film Festival in 2016 at Orlando FL, the Cannes Festival for faith-based films.

The expectations are high for our next project, A BLOOD THRONE.  And we strongly believe that success is found in collaboration. Therefore, we are looking to work together with like-minded artists, funders and film enthusiasts who are passionate about sharing the Gospel of the Kingdom through film and are looking forward to the challenge of setting the bar for technically excellent, visually enrapturing and powerful story-driven Christian Films.


The creation of a film, is the forming of a family. Every member, no matter how great or how small, is an integral part of the production process. A process that functions very much like the body of Christ. And just as 1 Corinthians 12 highlights, each individual part suffers together and rejoices together. That is why, at Mount Harvest, we strongly believe that the film set is an extension of the missions field. It is a place where imperfect individuals (albeit industry professionals) are united by a common purpose and a common goal, to honor our LORD and savior Jesus Christ, co-labor in excellence by sewing their professional talents into the kingdom.

Every production day begins and ends with prayer. On set we have prayer warriors discerning spiritual shifts meant to derail the arduous filmmaking process. We are determined not only to impact millions of lives, via the guidance of the Holy Spirit through film, but also to the transformative growth of our own faith-walk with The LORD as the filmmaking process unfolds.  We are committed to excellence, with a commission to break the mold of Christian cinema, and show the world the awesome living-word, honestly, accurately, and unapologetically through better than Hollywood quality productions… Kingdom Quality Films.