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Pierre Rumpf

Pierre grew-up in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, to an immigrant father, and his theatrical mother (who also played the guitar and sang) of Cambridge, Massachusetts. At an early age, Pierre starred in theatrical productions throughout elementary and junior high school. Pierre went on to college, the U.S. Army, and law school. Thereafter, he went into private practice, became a real estate broker, and a police officer. Since 2016, Pierre has been extensively active, working in feature films such as “Patriots Day” (2016) and working closely with the Boston film community to further his acting career. Pierre has appeared in various roles in multiple student and independent short films while studying extensively with the very talented acting teachers at Boston Casting & C.P. Casting.


Arissa Page

Arissa Page is a multi-dimensional actress who played lead roles in community theater at a young age, from Shakespeare to Disney. She now focuses on the film and television aspect of the entertainment industry. Arissa has been seen in dozens of award winning indie and short films around New York and New England. Classically trained by world–renowned acting coach Susan Batson in New York City, and Tom Todoroff. She is currently working on a feature film called “The Groundskeeper” by Mtown Productions, where she plays a lead role of an AI(artificial intelligence) named Genesis, She has a recurring role as Sandy in the Angelwoods Production and Beantown Statie Production series called “Testing:The Series”. Arissa also plays as a dark fallen angel named Lucia, in television pilot “Karma” by Victoria Lane Studios and recently wrapped on her lead role as “Ryley” in an educational comedy series called “FYX-Factor” by Victoria Lane Studios.


Danny Irizarry
Danny started his training with the Theatre of Western Springs. He also studied improv at Second City. Two of his favorite theatre roles were Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Buddy the Elf in Elf, Jr. His first film role was in the student short, Moved by Love, which confirmed his desire to pursue acting professionally. His first TV role was as Colin Blake, the misunderstood swim-team student in season 3 of Chicago P.D. He followed up with lead roles in films from various Chicago-area film schools, the feature Don’t Run, and the pilots for The Florist and Gone.


Sean Archulet

Sean Archulet has featured in such television series as “Legends & Lies,” and the 2015 family film “MAX.” Originally from Albuquerque New Mexico, Sean now  resides in Virginia with his wife and two children. Sean began acting as a child in school productions and church plays and continues to work on his craft daily. “I’m a firm believer in doing what you’ve been called to do. If you’re an actor then it is your duty to be the best actor you can be! Every talent we have is on loan from God and it’s important to remember that.”


Shahjehan Khan

Shahjehan Khan, a Massachusetts native, has been performing in one way or another for more than 20 years. Currently signed with Boston’s Model Club Agency, he is also the new Co-Director of Development (as well as actor) with Improbable Players (https://www.improbableplayers.org/), a substance abuse prevention theater troupe that performs for youth and communities throughout the Eastern seaboard. When he’s not acting, he is touring internationally with The Kominas (https://www.thekominas.net/), a South-Asian American punk rock band that has been in the public eye since 2005.


Nathan DeHoyos

Nathan DeHoyos thanks God for each and every opportunity in his life. Nathan has been in the art of acting for 24 years. Most of his acting experience comes from the stage, but he also enjoys being in front of the camera. Nathan constantly thanks God’s eternal family for encouraging him whenever he is in that place of need. Nathan thanks his wife and children for their love, support and understanding during these times where he is heavily engaged in ministry, doing what God has blessed him to do.


Alyena Auer

Alyena Auer first demonstrated her love for the camera at age three recording a duet of “You are My Sunshine,” with daddy before he shipped out for Iraq. From early childhood she held in her heart the dream of becoming an actress, dancer and choreographer. Alyena committed her life and talents to the Lord Jesus Christ by age seven. She studies Russian, trains at Seiskaya Ballet, and with Actors Models and Talent for Christ, performing at their international SHINE convention January of 2017. Between performances, Alyena’s home away from home is in ministry to children in the Ukraine with Arise Ukraine’s Camp EnJoy team.


Osmani Rodriguez

Osmani Rodriguez is thrilled to be part of this amazing cast! Some of Osmani’s previous work includes: a principal role in Stephen King’s and J.J Abrahm’s “Castle Rock”, award winning “Olive Kitteridge” working with Frances McDormand, Cleopas in “CrossRoads”, the school principal in Cameron Diaz’s “Sex Tape”, Brian Peter in “Unfinished Business”, Carlos in “The Maiden Heist” working with Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken, & William H.Macey, Mark in the TV Series “Chasing Life”, and working with Martin Scorsese and Tina Fey in an American Express commercial. Osmani is excited to work with the cast and production team of “Blood Throne”.  May God bless and embolden the hearts of each individual on this very special project.


James Griffin

James is a loving husband of 7 years and a father of 3 beautiful children. Since childhood, James has been drawn to acting. It wasn’t until James gave his life to Christ, at the age of 22, that he realized his God-given gift of performance was placed in him as a tool to glorify Christ and to spread the love and word of God to future generations. James has been in a number of stage productions throughout his years as a performer, as well as many independent student short films. Most recent, James worked with director Steve Driffin in the feature film “Posthumous”. James has been serving at the Word of Faith Deliverance Center in Bridgeport CT for over 8 years under the leadership of Dr. Carolyn Evans.


Kris Ingersoll

Kris Ingersoll grew up in Stoneham, Massachusetts with a passion for acting. As one of three sons to amazing parents, he was encouraged and loved. But it was at the age of 15, when Kris first asked Christ into his life and received Jesus as his Lord & Savior, that Kris has known an entirely different kind of love. Kris became a member of Cast of Faith Ministries in 2009 and has been blessed to exercise his passion for acting in service to the Lord, both on stage and film. Kris would like to thank God for His unconditional love and his wife Kelly for her unfailing support.


Sean Hanlon

A native of Saugus, MA , Sean Hanlon is a founding member of Cast of Faith ministries. He’s been in almost every major film and theatre production of theirs from 2006 until today. Highlights include playing Joseph in a Biblical take on the holiday classic “It’s a Wonderful Life”, John Ropes in the award-winning short film “Armor of God”, as well as writing and starring in the yet unreleased “The Witness”. His last major role was in the 2017 original stage play of “By way of the Sea” where he played a lead comedic role as the disciple Nathaniel, itself a sequel to 2015’s “The New Covenant”.


Halyn Rose

Halyn Rose is an American actress who has been fascinated with the art of entertainment since the young age of 8. Since her first performances in kindergarten, singing on stage for concerts, she has absolutely loved being in the spotlight. But behind all the makeup and costumes you will find a loving teen who is passionate about helping others in every way possible. She can usually be found filming vlogs or writing poems to inspire and uplift those around her. And although her passion is to act, sing, dance and perform, family and friends will always come first for her.


Miguel Ortiz

Miguel is a muralist and accomplished painter in the fine arts. As a child, he began his career studying at Luchette School of Art in San Juan where he was peers with a number of internationally known artists. At a young age he received an award from the New York Times for his work. Since then, he has created a number of murals and paintings for schools and churches across Puerto Rico, worked with PBS as an artist, and designed the official Puerto Rican day parade marketing campaigns in the 90s for New York City. His most recent work is a mural at Montclaire State University in New Jersey. Miguel is a graduate of Inter American University of San Juan with a bachelors degree in business administration and marketing. He is also a published poet, Chaplain Minister of ADCAMI International, a devout, spirit-filled man of God, and is adored by all who are blessed to know and work with him. Some of “A Blood Thrones” best set designs were made possible by him and his talent.


Mitch Fortier
Mitchell Raymond Fortier, born to US Air Force Vet Raymond and career nurse Constance is the oldest of 4 children. His acting career started from pure curiosity when invited to a Modeling Seminar in ‘96. In 2014, after 35+ Community Theater productions, while on set with Spin The Plate, a story about overcoming sexual abuse, he found a new love in motion pictures. Having had careers in IT, Residential Mortgages and Mechanical Design, acting has been the most constant in his life. He is represented by Model Club Inc. Boston and lives in Manchester, NH.


Orlando DeJesus

Orlando Dejesus has been acting since he was 14 years old. His first performance opportunity was in a church play, where he played two different characters, a life changing experience he’ll never forget. From there, Orlando graduated from AMTC which lead him to attend the New York conservatory for the dramatic arts. Orlando has been in short films and in theater plays ever since. Orlando holds to the notion that much like life, his acting career is a marathon not a sprint.


Enrique Veguilla

Enrique Luis Veguilla is from the southwest suburbs of Chicago. He is a graduate of Actor’s Model’s and Talent for Christ, and has a passion for Christian/Faith-based Films. His awards & achievements include AMTC SHINE’s “The Overcomer Award” (Winter 2017/Chicago), and selection to perform his self-written commercial in the AMTC Winter SHINE’s 2017 Acting Finale. Enrique is also a graduate of The Illinois Center for Broadcasting (now renamed Illinois Media School) where he specialized in Voice-Over and Audio Producing & Editing. Enrique is currently in the beginning stages of launching a brand which is also his motto for life, “Not For My Glory,” that reminds him everyday why he does what he does…to give all glory to Yahweh his Creator & Heavenly Father, and his Lord & Savior Yeshua the Messiah.


Racheal Graybill

Racheal Marie Graybill, is a motivational speaker, worship leader, comedian and actress. She is described as a spontaneous and humorous woman who has a flare for expression through the arts, while remaining strongly grounded in reality. She feels the most alive when she’s performing. Racheal sees life as an adventure to be lived fully and passionately. She seeks to live in honest, authentic relationship with those around her. She feels her greatest accomplishments are being a wife and a homeschooling mom.  She is currently living in northwestern PA with her husband of 13 years and her four children.


Anslee Tatum

Anslee Tatum is very excited be a part of “A Blood Throne.” Anslee began her performance career at the age of 7, studying at the Humphrey’s School of Musical Theater at TUTS in Houston, Texas. In 2015, she took her first on-camera acting workshop and has never looked back. She loves acting, singing, modeling, family, friends, & most importantly God. Anslee currently resides in Auburn, Alabama but spends as much time as she can studying and auditioning in Los Angeles. She hopes that in the future God brings her many more opportunities to be successful in her career, while bringing glory to Him!


Danielle Cisneros

Danielle Cisneros is beyond excited to be working on “A Blood Throne.” Being a full time student has limited her ability to engage in as much acting work as she would like. After attending a year at a NYC acting school, she moved back to Houston TX, to further her education and build up her performer’s resume. But as she lives one day at a time, currently she is thrilled to be surrounded by like-minded individuals, and be connected with some fellow AMTC grads.


Angela Elliott

Angela Elliott has studied at Nick Conti’s Studio under actor/coach, Angela Davis. She’s also taken several workshops including L.A.’s own Sam Christensen’s “Image Intensive” to sharpen her craft. Angela has cut teeth in both commercial and independent short films, her most recent being “In Your Presence” as lead role. It is her goal to expand her feature film experience in the nearest future. She is a devoted wife and stay at home mom who enjoys whistling nursery rhymes to her children.


Atlee Graybill

Atlee Graybill grew up in northwestern PA on his family’s dairy farm. He is happily married to his lovely wife, Racheal, with whom he has four children. He is an active person, who has many outdoor hobbies, including cycling, hunting, and hiking. Atlee cares deeply about courageous manhood and calling other men to step up and be strong leaders in their homes, businesses, and communities. Recently, he has trained to work in the acting and modeling industry, in order to bring a wholesome and uplifting influence into the world of entertainment. He is thrilled to have been given a role in the film “A Blood Throne.”


Daniel Monteiro


Alicia Miller

Alicia Miller is a Naturopathic Doctor with a Masters in Drama and extensive background in off-Broadway and regional theatre. As a doctor, she seeks to bring God’s healing to hurting people. As an actress, she is honored to be a part of A BLOOD THRONE as we will all be “doctors” administering its message of hope…Herod’s desperate need for healing as an archetype of the sin infestation of humanity can only be achieved through the LOVE of the Heavenly Father’s Son. I am well cast as a Servant for I am His Servant sent to do His work! Excited! Dr. Alicia Miller, BCND, CNHP


Rebekah Stought

Rebekah is an Orlando based actress and filmmaker with a passion for storytelling through film as a way to reclaim some of the world’s lost beauty, adventure, and passion. She owns an online business, “Fabrics and Fables,” writes for her blog, “Beauty in War,” and is currently in the process of producing her next film, “Touched” – the story of Jesus healing the woman who had bled for 12 years. She has worked in the film industry since 2015, totaling 25 film projects, and has visited all 48 continental states while doing so by living out of her renovated car, “HotelPrius.”


Eric Monzon

Eric is the youngest son of Colombian born, Oscar and Beatrice Monzón. He has an older brother, Andrew, who introduced him to Cast of Faith ministries where together they co-starred in their theatrical debut of “The New Covenant” (2015). Eric had a featured-extra role in Mt. Harvest’s award-winning film “CrossRoad” (2016) alongside his mentor and friend, actor Sean Hanlon. Eric was bit by the acting bug and followed with a lead role as John the disciple of Jesus, in the original stage production of “By Way of the Sea” (2017). Eric is an alum of Brooks School in North Andover, MA and the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Finance. Currently he consults for “too-big-to-fail” banks.


Kennedy Obadase

Kennedy Obadase was born in Nigeria, where he gave his life to Christ at the age of 17. Kennedy led the CGM Revelation Center Choir to win a series of major Choir Competitions, which lead to him becoming a member of the Voice-over Association of Nigeria & Actors Guild of Nigeria. He worked with recording studios, where he wrote gospel songs, theme songs, voicing for TV Commercials, as well as songwriting and voice-over work for films. One of Kennedy’s most notable voice over works is found in a major Political Commercial for the former President of Nigeria, the late Yar’adua, who won the election as President in 2006. Before migrating to the U.S. in 2011 as a permanent legal resident, Kennedy was the National Deputy Choir Director of the great CGM Int. Directing over 1000 voices. He has been the choir director and worship Leader of Christ Life Bible Church, Brooklyn, New York since 2012, where he serves with his wife and children.